We help clients envision a better home and a better future through real effective solutions. L.A Green Designs not only innovates but transforms and transcends our clients’ homes to uncover their maximum potential.  Our services include Interior design and decoration, architectural renovations, extensions and loft conversions. We use innovative materials to provide unique solutions that work.

Although Los Angeles does not have the population density that other Cities have, we all know that the only remaining un-touched lots are hillside. Our team understands that each lot is unique and the complication this brings but takes these complications to make a unique home that is tailored to the particular lot. Caissons, retaining walls, and earthmoving are all components that are understood by our team to ensure a successful project. Not only can we read and interpret plans, we can assist you with recommendations during the design phase based on soils repots, geologists, and existing topography. Our team can assist you during the pre-construction phase with the following amongst other services:

GEO/SOILS ENGINEER   Possibly the biggest and most overlooked aspects of pre-design is the geology and soils study and report. A successful study and report will enable your project to be cost efficient and provide an expeditious approval.

SURVEYOR   Working hand in hand with a great surveyor from the beginning will enable an accurate set of plans as well as a smooth transition from pre-construction to construction. Due to the nature of hillside construction, we will need to coordinate with a responsive surveyor to ensure the process is not slowed down.

GRADING   Grading design is fundamental to ensure we value engineer earth moving quantities. Although it is difficult to enable a net zero export & import, our team works to create a design that is easy to follow, buildable, and as efficient as can be. We work with the City to avoid costly and lengthy processes during pre-construction and work hand in hand with the geo/soils consultants to ensure the project is built safely.

FOUNDATION   Structural design on Hillside homes varies from engineer to engineer and using knowledgeable sub-consultants is key to a successful design. To avoid over-designing and building a structure that is unnecessary, it is important to have a professional who has worked before and knows the hillsides and has a background/knowledge on geotechnical engineering. We strive to design and build homes that meet current building codes but are also functional; there is no reason why we cannot have structural concrete that has aesthetic properties.


After successfully completing various homes in Southern California, we have learned to assist customers and their unique wish list because building a home is a unique experience. We work with our clients and can become as involved as our clients want us to be in order to cover 100% (or less) of the complete project. Coordinating multiple sub-consultants, City officials, Deputy Inspectors, and more is only a portion of what we do; our sub-contractors work diligently to work with you and complete the project in an efficient manner.

Any home remodel, small or big, is a substantial commitment that takes a specific kind of team to make it happen. We understand that every person’s home is their largest investment and more importantly, their private retreat and we treat them as such. From day one we will do our best to ensure you are taken care of and can make your dream a reality; we have done this time after time and will guide you through design, permitting, construction, and project delivery.

As we all know in California land value is an amazing investment and therefore one of the largest we undertake in our lifetimes. More times than not, when life changes and we are in need to increase our space we look to move instead of improving and taking advantage of our existing space. Our firm has worked on additions from small to large, various topographic conditions, and in various architectural styles; take a chance on your existing home and increase the value by increasing its size and maximizing your home’s potential.

Seismicity, weather, and palm trees is what is LA is known for and it is no secret that various quaternary fault lines crisscross the landscape. With our team of sub-consultants we are able to understand what can and cannot be a worthwhile investment for your home. We have completed courses on seismic design as well as FEMA Contractor education to be able to assist you and have done from a bolt and brace to an intricate foundation replacement. We will also work with you to come up with drainage recommendations to ensure your home is not undermined by the little precipitation we get in the area.

LA Green Designs is proud to offer Project Management services to clients who may be already under construction, maybe have a tighter budget, or simply want the experience of our firm to get through to the end line. We get to be as involved as you want us to be and have one goal in mind, to complete the project and control times and costs. We have worked in the past with different crews and our ability to understand them and work with them has proven to be successful when dealing with all types of projects.

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