We help our clients through the investment process: from finding the property, redesign, to development. Our goal is to find investment opportunities for our clients and transform them into a product that will not only bring great financial wealth to our clients but also improve the surrounding community.

We work with a number of subconsultants (Structural, Geotech, Drainage, Civil, Surveying, Landscaping, Grading, Energy Efficiency, Arborist, etc.) to accomplish and navigate the various departments at the City. Your communication is directly with us and thus eliminating the unnecessary finger-pointing and a need to chase after each portion of the formula.

Our approach is one here: direct and to the point. We provide City officials with what they want and do not burden them, or ourselves to that effect, with cumbersome documents that are unnecessary. We can navigate Specific Ordinances, Coastal Commission, OSHA, Historic Preservation, Community Design Overlays, Home Owner’s Associations, Neighborhood Councils, and anyone whose input is needed. Hearings should not be a dreaded part of the project but rather an opportunity to showcase a stunning design.

Having in-house experience and speaking the language of Plan Checkers has allowed us time and time to get projects approved through this department.  We can present a project thoroughly and since our involvement is from the first day, we will be vested and answer any questions with the necessary authority.

 Specific Ordinance, Historic Preservation, Community Design, Neighborhood Council

What is at times considered a Pandora’s box by many is a process that we can track and get through as efficiently as possible. We strive in providing the pertinent department with a project that can be reviewed quickly and for which we can have a decision or Letter of Determination as swiftly as possible.

Having presented a number of cases with this State agency has proven once more that it is a process that can be handled through consistent communication and organization in the presentation of the project. We can walk through and get your approval in a manner that will allow your project to be moved in concurrence with other departments.

Navigating clearances can be as simple as a stop at a desk or as complicated as a deferred submittal that involves hearings or presentations. We simplify the process and enable your time to be spent elsewhere while we use the experience of hundreds of visits to these departments. Our goal is to complete the project as timely as we can and therefore will work with you to attack the most departments we can and in a chronological sequence that makes sense.

When you have a project that is more involved in the public right-of-way, we have the tools to complete this undertaking. By speaking their language and understanding the key players, we can approach this portion early in the project and simplify the later stage. We use our subconsultants and team of expediters to stay on top of the City while we run concurrently with other departments.

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