L.A Green Designs knows that most of L.A homes were built back in the 20s, 30s, and 50s meaning have suffered through many earthquakes and may not be in accordance to today’s standards. Our goal is to help clients have a secure and safe home that will protect their families in the event of an earthquake.

Buyer   If you are a buyer looking for a home with growth potential for customization or remodel, the market has plenty of homes for sale where our team of designers and engineers can evaluate with you beforehand to determine whether that specific property is something that fits your desired taste and budget. Our team will help you visit potential houses, perform home inspections to evaluate condition, if you are interested in renovation or adding sqft we will also help you with the feasibility study to determine costs and city guidelines. Our team will stay with you throughout this process all the way until construction is finished and you move into your new home.

Seller   If you are a home seller, our team will help you prepare your home for the market explaining you the latest trends and why doing some minor upgrades to your home is proven to yield profits after the sale of the home. Our Compass Concierge program will allow us to complete upgrades for up to $40,000 interest free to the seller and only payable back after your home is sold through escrow. This unique program has helped hundreds of sellers get more for their property and we are proud to offer this amazing service to you.


Visit today our compass web site and schedule a meeting with Miguel and Jose to discuss your next steps:

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